Spaceweather Group


Image of a flare, courtesy of NASA/SDO.
The research group "Spaceweather" is led by Prof. Dr. Lucia Kleint and is part of the Astronomical Institute of the University of Bern. It started in 2020 as a research group on "Understanding Solar and Stellar Flares with Machine Learning" at the computer science department of the University of Geneva and moved to Bern in July 2022. Funded by a PRIMA grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation, our goal is to develop and use modern machine learning techniques to efficiently analyze astronomical data. In particular, we aim to investigate the physics of flares, which are the most powerful eruptions in our solar system.

Our main research questions are
  • When and where will a flare occur?
  • How is flare energy dissipated?
  • What are the origins and mechanisms of stellar “superflares”, which are thousands of times more powerful than the strongest recorded solar flares?