Spaceweather Group


Prof. Dr. Lucia Kleint
Group Leader, Personal Website
Michelle Galloway
Senior Research Assistant
Vanessa Mercea
PhD student
Moritz Meyer zu Westram
PhD student
Dorian Paillon
PhD student
Pranjali Sharma
PhD student
Janis Witmer
PhD student
Jonas Zbinden
PhD student
Kenneth Jannasch
MSc student



Main Collaborations

  University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

machine learning, heliophysics
High Altitude Observatory, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder CO, USA

flare physics, data analysis
  Leibniz-Institute for Solar Physics (KIS), Germany

solar physics, high-resolution observations

flare physics, data analysis




Former Collaborators and Theses

  Dr. Brandon Panos PhD student and postdoc (2017-2023)
  Sophie Probst BSc thesis: "Investigating Pre-Flare Stellar Flux Fluctuations and Starspot Activity on Solar-Type Stars" (2023)
  Daniel Zahnd MSc thesis: "Investigation of the solar atmosphere using machine learning techniques" (2023-2024)