Lucia Kleint

IDL library

This page contains some IDL programs that may be useful for the analysis of solar data.

IBIS data reduction pipeline:
The IBIS instrument (Cavallini 2006, Reardon&Cavallini 2008) was installed at the Dunn Solar Telescope. A pipeline for data reduction, which is based on the contributions from several people and expanded with e.g. prefilter calibrations is available here:

Projections of Flare Loops
Example of the program applied to the data of Jing et al. Nat. Comm., 2016 to simulate potential flare loop configurations.
This program can draw loops (circular and/or elliptic) projected onto helioprojective solar coordinates. It can be used to either mark loops, or to investigate their potential shape and orientation. The image on the left shows that these observed loops could be either circular or elliptic and are most likely tilted with respect to the vertical direction. The program is called run_trace_loops and the circle, ellipse1 and/or ellipse2 keywords can be used to specify [size of ellipse,tilt in deg].
A minimal example is:
date=map.time & pos = fltarr(2,2)
pos[0,0]=648. & pos[1,0]=-178. & pos[0,1]=651. & pos[1,1]=-272.
The programs require SSW, (if manually selecting footpoints; from P.Suetterlin; is included in above IBIS library), and the Coyote IDL suite. Download: